About Us

Design Solutions is a Vancouver based residential design firm focusing on energy efficient, sustainable homes specifically designed for our client's individual needs and building site. We take a synergistic approach when combining floor plans, exterior facades, site planning, material conservation, and resale. Serving Vancouver, Clark County, Portland, and surrounding areas, we specialize in developing custom home plans, remodels, additions, and shops.

Why do I need a home designer?

Many people enjoy sketching house plans and fondly recall their high school drafting class. Some may even go so far as to purchase a generic home design program from their local office supply store. Most people should stop at this point. No architectural software can adequately address energy efficiency, local codes, or create a structure that effectively uses materials. The end product can waste enormous amounts of material and space while ignoring site conditions, views, budgets, and neighboring homes.

With architectural training and construction experience, we understand how structure, conservation of materials, space planning, and aesthetics meld together to satisfy the objectives given by the client. Often, clients will generate a drawing or find home plans from the internet that are in total disagreement with their stated priorities. We emphasize a back and forth synergy between the interior (plan view) and the exterior (elevations) as well as a relationship between site specific elements and budgetary constraints to achieve a harmonious, functional design that exceeds the client's original goals.

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